Daniel Oesterman


Are you ready to get out of the rat race?

The biggest problem facing businesses of all kinds is getting in front of new potential clients. Without new customers, any business can flounder and fail. We are a software company with over 10 years experience helping our clients automate and more easily expand their customer base without cold calling. Our software is purchased by business professionals, direct sales people, retailers, restaurants, churches, schools, and anyone who needs to get their message in front of their target market and generate their own leads. We are currently looking for staff to work from home online interested in business development. There is no outbound cold calling involved with our system. The pay is $450 to $1500 per sale. Some of our agents make 2 or more sales a day, earning over $200k a year, but if you are doing one sale a day you will be making more than $2000 a week. The hours are flexible. You will be able to set your own schedule. We have several other work opportunities as well. If your application is not a fit for our business development center, we will contact you with information for other work opportunities. Our software is a complete marketing and lead generation platform that helps businesses and professionals get in front of more people to deliver their products, goods, or services. Because there is a wide number of industries we work with, you will be able to choose which industry you want to focus on. Upon completion of your application our website will open to 2 informational pre-recorded webinars. They show how the software works and how calls are transferred. It will answer about 95% of any questions you might have about us. After watching the orientation videos I will follow up with you and answer any other questions you might have. Click the apply link above to continue. Dan Oesterman