Daniel Oesterman

Standing Desk or Sitting Desk… Which One Is Right?

Which one is better? I am redoing my office and I am going to make a similar standing desk to this one. I work from home doing online marketing and blogging part of my day, often ducking into my work shop to glue something or applying a finish to a project, and the rest of the day I am often busy with  outside customer sales and service. I think a standing desk will work out great for me.

I feel more intent when I am standing and less likely to watch something on youtube or have a small snack. Shhhh, don’t let my wife know I am snacking.

So, I wanted to hear what other ideas there were concerning sitting vs standing. Here is an interesting discussion. https://youtu.be/yhkigA368mE

I’d love to hear your input, either way. And, as always please share this with anyone that might benefit from this information. Now go inspire someone today! Dan Oesterman

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