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Choosing A Work From Home Business

Choose A Business Wisely

There are so many work from home and home based businesses offered on the internet these days, how do you sort through them and find a worthwhile business? What makes something worthwhile?

Remember, your time is limited.

One question that had always been on my radar was if I am going to do something I am not looking to go from working in an office all day to working at home all day.

  • It has to be profitable and free up time for other endeavours and I don’t want to have to be stuck in my home. I love traveling and I have always been looking for an opportunity to work wherever I had a laptop and wifi, maybe even working from overseas.

I love networking marketing and home based businesses but the thing that holds most people back, including me, is how do you market without bothering your friends and family? I don’t want to be that guy that no one answers when I call. I am sure you have a friend like that. We love them but why can’t they talk about something else once in a while. Besides, I want a larger market base than just my friends and family.

I listed 4 ideas to keep in mind when you are evaluating a venture. If all you want is to make a little or save a little with the main goal of making friends and socializing, GREAT! Be honest with yourself.

  • If you really need an extra $500 a month, GREAT!
  • If you want to make a career of it you will need to figure out how to scale it up. You will need to learn how to market on social media, Craigslist, a website or other platforms.

That is the next issue. There are many platforms and email services you can utilize, like MailChimp. But how do you tie all these things together in a comprehensive package? That was my dilemma that I have been dealing with.

I don’t have time, or the attention span, to read all these blogs, take notes, learn the ins and outs of all these systems and how to string them together. But, I was introduced to Terry Wilson 3 system and I learned how to bring them all together to automate my business, driving people who wanted what I offer right to me!

Life has not been the same. Message me and share this if you want to learn more! Please share this blog if you found value.

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