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Live, don’t just Exist! Take A Break Once In A While!

Many of us get distracted like we have blinders on, only focusing on work. It is an easy trap to get drug into. Bills have to be paid, rent, kids in college always have a book they need that they have to buy TODAY! Right?!

In this journey, don’t forget to take a breather. If you have a significant other you need to keep feeding that relationship. But, you can mix the both. Take a drive and make it into a learning experience.

I did a bit of editing on a trip up north with my wife with a destination of Bise, Motobu, Okinawa, Japan. Along the way we enjoyed a warm, beautiful sunny day. We are in the thick of the rainy season but it is surprisingly dry, not any rain to speak of and we are taking advantage of the great weather!

On the way we decided to revisit Shiokawa, Salt River in Motobu, Okinawa. This salty and cold stream flows to the ocean from a small cave. It is unusual because it is flowing to the ocean and it is salty and covers roughly 150m to the East China Sea. There were even some fish swimming around in the shallow water.

After a nice drive in moderate traffic we stopped at Kyoda to admire a nice view of the turquoise waters and Nago Bay. Then off to lunch in Motobu. Sadly all the small Japanese seafood restaurants that Kumi wanted to visit were closed. Being focused more on tourism they choose Sunday for a day off. Really?! Oh well.

We found this little place and we were a bit unsure but some locals in the parking lot said it was their favorite so we took a chance and it turned out great!

Uminchu No Eki, meaning sea faring people’s market, was a quaint, slapped together parlor typical of Okinawa’s roadside eateries that are also a drinking mecca for the old men to bang away on their strings after a day of fishing. The seafood was delicious and we got away with about $20 for both lunches.

After lunch it was just a short run up the coast to Bise, an old town that kept its original style from years gone by. Since there was basically no combat in the north end of Okinawa during WWII the town was in the original layout.

It is a great spot to just walk through the shady lanes with no worries of cars. You do have to keep an ear out for the ringing of a bell to warn you of approaching cyclists!

We really love the lifestyle that comes with working online. On the way back we stopped at the new Starbucks where I was able to check in and send a few emails and a few more texts. Kumi is great but she did make me hold it down to 15min online. All in all, an enjoyable day.  Enjoy the video! https://youtu.be/yqSTsvp7wDQ

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