Daniel Oesterman

Everyone Needs An Outlet. What’s Yours?

There is a lot of attention to making money, especially in these trying times when we are not sure of our stake in the job we have. Don’t get all stressed out to the point of blowing up or bottling it all up and getting sick in the end. You need a creative way to get away from it all. What is yours? Could be biking, hiking, sports or even just a quiet night reading a book.

I have a background in the construction industry, mechanics and basically anything working with my hands. I find it very relaxing and creative. My wife is excited that I am remodeling our kitchen. It fits in perfectly with my marketing business I run from my home.

Share with us, what is your way to blow off steam? Share this blog with anyone who might benefit. Interested in created something to do in the nooks and crannies of your life? Visit http://danoesterman.com

Check out this video from my workshop. https://youtu.be/aFubBLCApeA

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